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Play Zombie Tsunami on PC & Mac with Emulator: The Ultimate Guide

Zombie Tsunami PC APK: How to Download and Play This Fun Arcade Game

If you are looking for a casual and entertaining game that lets you control a horde of zombies, then you might want to try Zombie Tsunami. This game is available for both Android and iOS devices, but you can also play it on your PC with an APK file. In this article, we will tell you what Zombie Tsunami is, how to download and install it on your PC, and how to play it with some tips and tricks.

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What is Zombie Tsunami?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Zombie Tsunami is an action arcade game developed by Mobigame S.A.R.L. It was released in 2012 and has since gained over 200 million players around the world. The game has a simple premise: you start with one zombie and you have to bite as many humans as possible to turn them into zombies and join your horde. You also have to avoid obstacles, such as cars, bombs, helicopters, and gaps, that can reduce your zombie count. The game has over 300 missions, 11 sets, 10 power-ups, many upgrades, and zombie birds that you can collect and use.

The difference between the mobile and PC versions

The mobile version of Zombie Tsunami is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. You can download it directly on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. However, the mobile version also has ads and in-app purchases that can interrupt your gameplay or tempt you to spend real money.

The PC version of Zombie Tsunami is not officially released by the developer, but you can still play it with an APK file. An APK file is an Android application package that contains all the files needed to run an app on an Android device. You can download an APK file of Zombie Tsunami from various websites , but make sure they are safe and reliable. You will also need an emulator, which is a software that mimics an Android device on your PC, to run the APK file. You can use emulators such as BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or LDPlayer to play Zombie Tsunami on your PC.

How to Download and Install Zombie Tsunami PC APK

The requirements and steps for downloading and installing the game on Windows PC

To play Zombie Tsunami on your PC, you will need a Windows 7/8/10/11 operating system, an Intel or AMD processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and enough storage space for the game files. You will also need a stable internet connection to download the APK file and the emulator. Here are the steps for downloading and installing Zombie Tsunami PC APK:

  • Download an emulator of your choice from its official website. For example, you can download BlueStacks from [here](^1^).

  • Install the emulator on your PC by following the instructions on the screen.

The advantages and disadvantages of using an emulator

Using an emulator to play Zombie Tsunami on your PC has some advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them:



- You can enjoy a larger screen and better graphics.

- You may experience some lag or compatibility issues.

- You can use your keyboard and mouse to control the game.

- You may need to adjust the settings and key mapping.

- You can access more features and options in the emulator.

- You may encounter some ads and pop-ups in the emulator.

- You can play other Android games and apps on your PC.

- You may need to update the emulator and the APK file regularly.

Overall, using an emulator to play Zombie Tsunami on your PC is a good option if you want to have a different gaming experience. However, you should also be aware of the potential drawbacks and risks involved.

How to Play Zombie Tsunami on PC

The basic gameplay and controls of the game

Zombie Tsunami is a simple and addictive game that anyone can play. The game has one-touch controls that are easy to learn and use. All you have to do is tap on the screen to make your zombies jump over obstacles or bite humans. The more zombies you have, the more points you get. However, if you lose all your zombies, the game is over.

The game has various modes, such as Classic, Zombie Carnaval, Giant Z, Ninja, Quarterback, Dragon, UFO, Gold, Balloon, and Las Vegas. Each mode has different challenges and rewards that you can unlock by completing missions or collecting coins. You can also customize your zombies with different outfits and accessories that you can buy with coins or diamonds.

Some tips and tricks for getting a high score and completing missions

Zombie Tsunami is a fun game that requires some strategy and skill to master. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get a high score and complete missions:

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  • - Try to keep as many zombies as possible in your horde. The more zombies you have, the more coins you can collect and the more power-ups you can activate.

  • - Use the power-ups wisely. Some power-ups, such as the Dragon, the UFO, or the Quarterback, can help you destroy obstacles and enemies easily. Others, such as the Ninja, the Balloon, or the Giant Z, can help you avoid obstacles and gaps. However, some power-ups, such as the Bomb or the Tsunami, can also harm your zombies if you are not careful.

  • - Watch out for the vehicles. Some vehicles, such as cars, buses, or tanks, can be flipped over by your zombies and give you extra coins. Others, such as helicopters, planes, or rockets, can shoot at your zombies and reduce your horde size.

  • - Collect the zombie birds. The zombie birds are flying zombies that you can find in some levels. They can help you collect coins and bonuses that are out of reach for your ground zombies. They can also revive some of your fallen zombies if you tap on them.

  • - Complete the missions. The missions are tasks that you have to accomplish in each level. They can range from collecting a certain number of coins or power-ups to destroying a certain number of vehicles or humans. Completing missions can give you extra coins, diamonds, brains, or lottery tickets that you can use to unlock more features and rewards.


A summary of the main points and a recommendation for the game

Zombie Tsunami is a fun arcade game that lets you control a horde of zombies and wreak havoc on the world. You can download and play it on your PC with an APK file and an emulator. The game has simple controls, colorful graphics, varied modes, and many features that make it enjoyable and addictive. However, you should also be careful of the obstacles, enemies, ads, and in-app purchases that can affect your gameplay. If you are looking for a casual and entertaining game that challenges your reflexes and skills, then Zombie Tsunami is a great choice for you.


Q1: Is Zombie Tsunami free to play?

A1: Yes, Zombie Tsunami is free to play on both mobile devices and PC. However, the game also has ads and in-app purchases that can enhance your gameplay or remove them. You can also earn coins, diamonds, brains, or lottery tickets by playing the game or watching videos.

Q2: Can I play Zombie Tsunami offline?

A2: Yes, you can play Zombie Tsunami offline without an internet connection. However, you will not be able to access some features, such as the daily bonus, the lottery, the shop, or the leaderboards. You will also not be able to save your progress or sync it with other devices.

Q3: How many zombies can I have in my horde?

A3: The maximum number of zombies you can have in your horde is 100. However, this number can vary depending on the mode, the power-ups, and the obstacles you encounter. You can also upgrade your zombies with brains to make them stronger and faster.

Q4: What are the power-ups and bonuses in Zombie Tsunami?

A4: The power-ups and bonuses are special

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