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Charles Morris
Charles Morris

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54-54. There is a fourth element, and he calls it humor; for it is the most changeable, and has the most difference of properties. They who know the things of nature and their natures, call it spirit. But because of this great difference, he does not want to say that the nature of the element differs from itself as the subject from the intellect. And this will be evident from what follows: that it is properly said, that the element does not differ from its subject, but that the subject is different from the intellect. But there is no natural change in the nature of the element, because it is in its own nature, so that it does not change, and it is not by another thing that it differs from itself, as the intellect changes in accordance with another; but humor, which is one, is the subject of the intellect, and it differs from itself. And they will be able to know this by the following illustration: there is nothing comparable to music and music is compared to humor. Music is the essence of rhythm; and rhythm is the essence of humor. But music is heard in time in a single manner, in all time; but humor is heard at one time, and it is not heard with all time, as rhythm is heard in a single manner. And thus, the element of humor differs, not with respect to another element, but with respect to itself. And so the elements are united into a harmonious body; for the elements of the body, that is, the soul, the blood, the phlegm, the black bile, are all in a harmonious fashion, and humor is the outcome of this. So the element humor differs from itself, and the nature of this element is one. Moreover, humor is the beginning of life; for when humor has come into being, the life of the body begins. And it is to this element that the principal part of life belongs. Therefore this is the beginning of life, and the element of humor is the beginning of life. But in the days before birth this element does not begin to act, but in the days after birth it begins again to work. So in this way the element of humor is called the beginning of life.

galeno medico para win 7 64 bits

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